Monday, March 16, 2015 5:16 AM We're ahead of schedule on the chapter 2 revisions, so I'm putting up next weeks pages early! The SIX pages today introduce the Voutama Pirates, who will play a major part in upcoming chapters. At this point we've introduced most of the main cast for book one, save for Al who doesn't quite count, being in a coma and all.

I've made a change to the way I put up the preview pages for Patreon. $10 Patrons will still get to read ahead, but once those pages are posted publicly I'll switch them to the standard $5 Patron level. This lets me add commentary directly to the pages without having to create multiple posts. Of course that means those Patrons reading early will also get the behind the scenes early too :)

Thanks for reading, and make sure to tell your friends about us.
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