Sunday, April 5, 2015 8:24 PM Brand new page this week, never before seen. This time around we actually get to see Al's brand in the chapter he gets it.

I'm in the home stretch for chapter two revisions. I'm currently redrawing about half the panels on pages 83/84 of 90 (including chap 1). After that I have 4 new pages to add from scratch, (which Patrons can see the thumbnails for right now), and then there's 2 more pages with minor revisions. Once that's all finished I'll be starting on thumbnails for chapter 3. The script is locked, and I have a really strong feel for the look of this new chapter, so this should be the easy part. Thumbnails should be done and page layouts roughed out by the end of May. Patrons can expect to start seeing some concept art for that chapter soon. If all goes well we're looking at chapter 3 starting here around the end of September.

Things are also looking very good at my day job. I may be about to transfer to a MUCH closer location, which will mean less transit time and more drawing time. I've been pushing for this for a while as it will be a very big and positive change. Wish me luck!
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