Wednesday, April 29, 2015 6:16 AM Here's a little concept art preview for chapter three. I wanted to give you a peek ahead, and to show off how much my art has changed since I drew the first two chapters. Some really cool stuff ahead.

This has been quite a week. Most of you probably don't know that my husband and I bought a house last year. It's been quite an experience, and it's a wonderful home, but it was an hour away from my job. In addition the only realistic route was on a highway under eternal heavy construction. This meant vastly fluctuating travel times year-round, due to either construction congestion or weather related delays. The end result was me having to leave for work an hour and a half before my shift, just to ensure I got there on time. Not to mention close to $300 in monthly gas and tolls.

I have spent the last year trying to transfer to a closer location, and as of this week I am working at a store twenty minutes away. This is huge, and translates to more time to draw :)

Of course, on my last day at the old store I had a car accident. No injuries, just a crumpled fender and a lot of phone calls. It could have been much worse, that road has been trying to get me for years.

But yeah I've been sweating the schedule for a while now, and when I restarted this comic I still didn't know when I'd get the transfer. So this is a massive relief, both stress wise and financially speaking. I'm gonna try to do more concept and guest art this summer as we lead up to chapter three. Hopefully you enjoy it.

I know I'll be having more fun :)
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