Sunday, October 4, 2015 9:14 PM Chapter 3 is here at last! After the long process of refurbishing chapters 1 and 2 I'm glad to be back to drawing all new pages. And this is a fun chapter to draw. The crew finally gets an actual mission, and we'll get to see them in action. Will things go spectacularly wrong? Would it be as much fun if it didn't? This is an excellent jumping on point for new readers, so spread the word!

Also, I have revised my Patreon page so that more people get to see early pages, and all Patrons get access to the sketches and previews in my Patreon stream. So if you're not already a Patron, do check it out and consider becoming one. The more people that sign up, the faster I can produce new pages.

Thanks for reading, enjoy!
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