Sunday, January 3, 2016 1:16 PM Had a lot of fun with that first panel.

Just because I'm not posting new pages every week does not mean I'm slacking off. Last week I posted several studies on my Patreon page for characters that will show up in a few weeks. Right now if you're a Patron you can see the inks for the next page, and a $5 Patron can see it finished in glorious "Colour".

With the holidays behind me I can concentrate more on drawing. I still have a lot of concept art to work through for the rest of this chapter, but there's another project I'm eager to tuck into my schedule. I think it's a fair bet that if you're reading something this geeky there's a good chance you're a Doctor Who fan. I've been trying out a number of different coloring techniques lately with the objective of finally finishing a piece I inked well over a year ago. It'll eventually show up on Tumblr and such, but Patrons will get first look and updates at it as it develops.
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