Monday, March 7, 2016 7:04 AM Had some issues with the color on this one. I'll have it updated once I get them ironed out.

I've been posting older pages on Tapastic lately, and I've gotten more used to its format. I like the fact that it has comments and favoriting built in, so if you're looking for those things you have the option now.

I'll still be posting here as well, and we should be up to the current page after this week, so I'll try to mirror my newsposts after that.

Also if you've checked out the Patreon page, but thought there was a lack of updates, that's my fault. Patreon's new update does not show locked posts for paid Patron content anymore. So it looked like I hadn't updated since September :P I've unlocked a bunch of older sketches and concept art to give you a better idea of what I post, and going forward I'll be sure to make at least one public post per month. Patrons get to see pencils and inks for upcoming pages, as well as concept art. $5 Patrons also get to see finished pages a week ahead of everyone else, and exclusive commentary. Recently I posted roughs with dialogue for the next 5 pages, and I'll be doing that again before too long.

I've been trying to work on my anatomy and facial structure lately, as well as my coloring skills. Every time I do this I wind up with a series of pages that look weird to me. So I apologize if consistency suffers, it's all for the best. :)
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